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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the current 10/11 now news presenters?

Samantha joined the 10/11 NOW news team in October 2021 as a reporter. Nicole Griffith has been with 10/11 Now since March of 2019 working as a news and sports hybrid reporter. Katie Arten is the evening news producer for 10/11 NOW at 6 and 10.

Who are the 10/11 this morning anchors?

Bryan Shawver anchors 10/11 This Morning alongside Laura Halm and Meteorologist Brad Anderson. East Tennessee was Laura's home for nearly 10 years, so she traded in (a lot) of orange for red! Jon Vanderford has had a strong relationship with 10/11 News, starting his career here in college, and returning to 10/11 in 2003.

Who is the new director of 10/11 news?

Mikel Lauber joined the 10/11 NOW news team as Director of News in June 2017, after leading newsrooms in Wisconsin and Texas. Always smiling and always watching, Shannon Booth leads 10/11 NOW as Vice President and General Manager.

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