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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Qualified Intermediary faciliate a 1031 exchange?

A qualified intermediary will serve in numerous capacities during a 1031 exchange, including: Coordinating with the seller and any advisor on the structure of the 1031 exchange Preparing documentation concerning the relinquished asset and the replacement property Providing instructions and the appropriate documents to the escrow or title company concerning the exchange More items...

Can you do a 1031 exchange without a Qualified Intermediary?

If an investor does not utilize a Qualified Intermediary, or has possession of the funds from the sale at any time, they'll be disqualified from doing a 1031 exchange, and any profits will be taxed as capital gains. Terms to know: "Relinquished" property refers to the asset you are selling or giving up.

What good is a 1031 exchange?

Key Takeaways A 1031 exchange is a swap of properties that are held for business or investment purposes. The properties being exchanged must be considered like-kind in the eyes of the IRS for capital gains taxes to be deferred. If used correctly, there is no limit on how many times or how frequently you can do 1031 exchanges. More items...

What are the steps of a 1031 exchange?

3 Easy Steps for a 1031 Exchange: At closing, all proceeds are directed to a Zions Bank ® qualified trust account. Identify your replacement property within 45 days of the relinquished property sale. Acquire your replacement property within 180 days of the relinquished property sale, or the due date of the tax return, including extensions, for the year of the sale.

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