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Frequently Asked Questions

What cars did the LAPD use in the 1980's?

a mix of Chevrolet Impala/Caprices and Ford (LTD) Crown Victorias were used. In the 1980's why did the LAPD never use the Dodge Diplomat or its twin the Plymouth Gran Fury (1982-1989) ?

Can I upload my favorite police officer wallpapers?

You can also upload and share your favorite police officers wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images Search Create an account Sign in Upload Categories Animals Anime Brands Cars Cartoons Celebrities

What happened to the old Haysville police car?

When taken out of police service it was overhauled and restored back to it's original condition by the Haysville police chief for use as a parade/show car, and used for several years for those functions. Later it was sold for display in a police car museum from 1996 to 2002, still in it's Haysville Police markings.

What happened to the car at the la Police Museum?

After the museum closed, the car was aquired by the Los Angeles Police Department Historical Society and shipped to the LAPD Motor Transport Division Garage and the car was transformed into a replica of an LAPD unit from 1984.

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