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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 51talk a good company?

51Talk has a consumer rating of 1.17 stars from 24 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. 51Talk ranks 80th among Language Learning sites. How would you rate 51Talk? “Inhumane Policies!”

How good is 51talk for teaching English?

The curriculum offered by 51Talk is actually pretty decent. Some options are not very good, but for the most part, they are easy for new teachers to use.

How does 51talk compare to other ELT platforms?

Compared to other ELT platforms, 51Talk offers lower pay. When there’s a sudden power outage and a teacher doesn’t have other ways or sources to attend the class, then, s/he will not get paid.

What are the working hours of a 51talk teacher?

I work from 8PM to 11PM during weekdays and 8 hours during weekends. All the materials you will be needing in teaching will be provided by the company. 51talk has a monthly survey for the teachers to give feedback on how to improve their systems and compensations. Here, you can somehow demand. Yey!

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