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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all A100 courses have the same number of years?

No - they had 'protected number of places - the course was known as A104 for 6 years, or A106 for 5 years (doing years 2-6 of the 6 year course0. All 5 year courses (or 5 year plus comp intercalation) - A100. All GEP - A101. All 6 year courses which incluse foundation year - A104.

Which a-levels are not accepted by UCAS?

UCAS Tariff - Not accepted A level - AAA AAA including Chemistry or Biology. Physics or Maths must also be offered if Chemistry is not taken.

When can I apply to study medicine through UCAS?

Where a candidate is reliant on their degree for academic entry purposes, they may apply for our course through UCAS at the beginning of their final year with their degree or integrated masters result pending. In these cases, offers to study Medicine will be conditional on candidates achieving the necessary academic requirements.

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