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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for aiding and abetting?

Synonyms for aiding and abetting include assisting, collaborating, conniving, conspiring, contriving, helping, plotting, abetting, colluding and countenancing. Find ...

What is the definition of abetting in English?

Define abetting. abetting synonyms, abetting pronunciation, abetting translation, English dictionary definition of abetting. tr.v. a·bet·ted, a·bet·ting, a·bets 1. To approve, encourage, and support ; urge and help on. 2. To urge, encourage, or help : abetted the thief in...

What is the synonym of ABET?

Choose the Right Synonym for abet. incite, instigate, abet, foment mean to spur to action. incite stresses a stirring up and urging on, and may or may not imply initiating. inciting a riot instigate definitely implies responsibility for initiating another's action and often connotes underhandedness or evil intention.

What is the legal definition of aid and abet?

Legal Definition of abet : to assist, encourage, instigate, or support with criminal intent in attempting or carrying out a crime —often used in the phrase aid and abet Other Words from abet

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