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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my Google accounts?

Navigate to the Google Accounts Sign In page and sign in to your account (link in Resources). 2. Click "Account" to display the list of account items. 3. Select "Dashboard" from the list to reveal your list of Google accounts.

What are the types of Google accounts?

Google offers different types of accounts to different types of users. Until recently, we offered two primary types of accounts that were completely separate services: Google Accounts (personal): Provide access to all Google products and services, such as Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, and Web History.

How do you make your own Google account?

Well, you can get your own google account very easily by just following the given steps :- First of all, Go to the settings of your device, there go to account , then go to the add account option and select the google account. Write the first name and last name that you want to be on your google account on...

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