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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best acoustic foam panels?

Our choice for the best acoustic foam panels is the Pro Studio Acoustic Wedge Foam. These panels offer fantastic value, as you can effectively treat your entire studio with them without spending a fortune. For those who are short on cash, the Foamily Egg Crate Acoustic Panels offer good quality for a lower price given their convenient presentation.

What are the benefits of using acoustic foam panels?

REDUCES ECHOES – Foam wall acoustic panels help to reduce noise and provide sound insulation in your room. These sound proof panels for walls improve sound quality inside your space by reducing flutter echoes, reverberations and reflections. They also minimize slap back and room ring to create an enhanced acoustic environment.

Are acoustic foam panels worth the investment?

Acoustic foam is the best material for sound absorption. In rooms where there is a lot of noise or too much echo, the acoustic foam will help control the sound and bring it down to a reasonable level. When looking for quality sound treatments, design can also be important.

What is the difference between wedge and pyramid acoustic foam panels?

Operating under the same principle as sound bouncing off the wedge design, pyramid acoustic panels offer reliable soundproofing and a slightly different sounding acoustic than wedge panels. Similar to the wedge foam, pyramid foam is offered in several different sizes. The larger pyramids tend to offer more soundproofing than the smaller cuts.

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