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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find acris document details?

The best source for Real Property ACRIS document details. Access every ACRIS document recorded under any NYC property, condo or co-op. Conduct a preliminary title analysis to speed up your due diligence. Unlock comprehensive details for every ACRIS document including all other properties the document is recorded against and the parties to document.

What is acris and how does it work?

ACRIS defines a framework for airports, airlines, partners and suppliers to share data across different companies and providers. The definition and implementation of standardized business processes and interoperable IT solutions is a vital issue for the global aviation industry, especially as a way to improve efficiency and to increase revenues.

What is acris ASAP TM?

ACRIS asapTM, available exclusively at, is TitleVest's patented, web-based tool that automates the creation of required ACRIS E-Tax forms, cutting processing time by 90%. The key benefits of ACRISasap TM as compared to the New York City Department of Finance's (DOF) "ACRIS" website are:

Why do airports adopt acris standards?

Why Adopt ACRIS Standards? ACI established ACRIS (the Aviation Community Recommended Information Services) to help Airports improve the quality and effectiveness of information exchange across the entire ecosystem. ACRIS enables a consistent view of the airport ecosystem for all stakeholders. ACRIS delivers real value to Airports.

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