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Frequently Asked Questions

What is educational adequacy and why is it important?

Educational adequacy is a broad concept that includes economic, academic, social, civic, and humanistic aspects, among others. A narrower standard of economic self-sufficiency is a necessary, but not sufficient outcome for higher education to achieve its goals. Individuals cannot live fully in their time if they are living under a bridge.

What are adequate education requirements?

An adequate education program must enable graduates, including community college associate's degree recipients, working full time, to earn ten years after graduation more than $35,000 annually and recoup educational costs.

What is adequate education aid (Ada)?

Adequate Education Aid is computed for each city, town and unincorporated place. Not all towns operate schools, but each town pays for the education of the students that are residents of the town. Adequacy Aid is based on the average daily membership (ADM) of resident students.

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