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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of wellsky® scheduling?

The major features that we find in WellSky® Scheduling are billing and invoicing, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, practice management, and compliance tracking among others. Mediware is the company that is responsible for the development and the distribution of WellSky® Scheduling. The company is allocated in the united states.

What is appointments everywhere?

AppointmentsEverywhere comes with schedule visits with multiple resources, find appointment scheduling logic, book recurring appointments, schedule groups, automated wait list, resource-based scheduling, color-code appointments, audit change support in scheduling, authorized visits remaining tracking and multiple patient cases storing features.

What browsers does wellsky Resource Manager support?

*Javascript must be enabled to use this web application. WellSky Resource Manager no longer supports Internet Explorer as of 7/27/21. Our supported and recommended browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Please contact your system adminstrator. Forgot Password?

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