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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPC Peering?

- Amazon Virtual Private Cloud What is VPC peering? Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that you've defined. A VPC peering connection is a networking connection between two VPCs that enables you to route traffic between them using private IPv4 addresses or IPv6 addresses.

Can two AWS VPCs communicate?

Instances in either VPC can communicate with each other as if they are within the same network. You can create a VPC peering connection between your own VPCs, or with a VPC in another AWS account. The VPCs can be in different regions (also known as an inter-region VPC peering connection).

How do I Peer between AWS transit gateways?

You can peer both Intra-Region and Inter-Region transit gateways, and route traffic between them, which includes IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. To do this, create a peering attachment on your transit gateway, and specify a transit gateway. The peer transit gateway can be in your account or a different AWS account.

Can I reject a VPC Peering connection request?

This is known as peer phishing. You can safely reject unwanted VPC peering connection requests without any risk of the requester gaining access to any information about your AWS account or your VPC. For more information, see Reject a VPC peering connection.

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