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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Babies always born head first?

Childbirth. Most babies are born head first; however about 4% are born feet or buttock first, known as breech. During labour a woman can generally eat and move around as she likes, but pushing is not recommended during the first stage or during delivery of the head, and enemas are not recommended.

How do you take care of babies?

When it comes to burping, upright positions generally work most effectively. Place your newborn in a sitting position, facing forward on your lap. Support your baby with one hand on the baby’s front and lean him or her forward slightly. Gently pat your baby’s back to release air from the tummy. Listen for the slight burping sound.

Should babies be baptised?

Babies can be baptized by immersion (the baby's body is placed in water) or by pouring (water is poured over the baby's forehead). The choice is made by the parents. For immersion baptisms, the baby wears normal clothes to the ceremony and white garments afterward to signify purity and the washing away of original sin.

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