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Frequently Asked Questions

Is babushka a good show?

A charming version of the 'Babushka' tale, with lots of different roles to involve plenty of children. The show is very picturesque and the songs are delightful, with actions provided. Simple to produce and a real audience-pleaser! Babushka cleans her little house all day long to stop herself from noticing how lonely and sad she is.

What does 'Babushka' mean?

When people hear the word ‘Babushka’, they usually think of the small Russian dolls that open in the middle and contain smaller versions of themselves. But ‘Babushka’ – which means ‘grandmother’ in Russian – is also a famous Christmas story in Russia about the story of an old woman who met the Three Wise men on their way to see Jesus.

What is the Babushka play script?

This script could be used either for an assembly or as a guided reading script for a group of 7 (with accompanying quiz) within the classroom. It is one of a collection Sue Russell is currently writing – the aim of Babushka Play is to have an assembly collection of 20 (one for each day of December leading up to Christmas).

Why does Babushka clean her Russian house all day long?

Babushka cleans her little Russian house all day long to stop herself from noticing how lonely and sad she is. She’s so busy that she fails to notice beautiful things going on around her: a new star shining in the sky, an angel hovering in her garden and an exciting message being spread by three mysterious kings.

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