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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good baby shower games?

Keep guests guessing with this practical game. Put at least ten common, useful baby items inside a diaper bag; a bib, teething ring, rattle, bottle and diaper are just a few goodies that are also fairly inexpensive. Give each guest a pen and paper before passing the diaper bag around.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

It is recommended to have only 3 or 4 baby shower games during the baby shower. Games are fun way to keep the baby shower interesting and engaging. The games should be simple, easy to understand and some will take longer than others to play.

How many games to play at a baby shower?

Playing games at a baby shower keeps everyone laughing and cheerful. Every baby shower does not have to have games; however they are lots of fun and especially good to play if guests do not know each each other well. Typically, four to five games are played at a shower, depending on how much time each activity takes.

What games do you play at a baby shower?

Games – Baby showers traditionally involve various games, although they are not strictly necessary. If you do decide to play some games, some popular baby shower games include "Baby Shower Bingo", "Baby Shower Price is Right", and "Dirty Diapers" among others.

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