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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a baby Yoda pumpkin?

This Baby Yoda pumpkin is super easy and so much fun to make. Your kids will love getting crafty with this adorable no carve pumpkin. Start by painting the pumpkin with the lime colored paint. Let dry for 30 minutes to an hour. Print the template for the eyes and ears and cut out the pieces.

How many free printable baby Yoda pumpkin templates are there?

Get these 12 free printable Baby Yoda pumpkin carving templates for Star Wars and The Mandalorian fans. Print them today! Free Baby Yoda Pumpkin Templates! Download 13 printable Baby Yoda pumpkin carving patterns featuring The Child from The Mandalorian!

Is there a baby Yoda pumpkin that doesn't need to be carved?

This Baby Yoda pumpkin couldn’t get much cuter and your kids will love making this adorable no carve pumpkin. The best part is that not only is it easy to make but it’s budget friendly too! I’m so excited that it’s pumpkin time again! No, not pumpkin spice lattes and that kind of thing…I’ve never been big on those.

How do you make Yoda ears out of a pumpkin?

Use the template to trace the Baby Yoda ears out of green craft foam. Attach the ears to one of the green pumpkins using a glue gun. You may need to carve the ears a bit to better fit the curve of your own pumpkin. Remove the stem off of the 2nd green pumpkin. This allows the head 'pumpkin' to sit on the 2nd pumpkin better.

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