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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Babylon 5 get any better?

Does Babylon 5 get better? The show does improve, though by how much is debatable. A few new cast members are brought in (one major character in particular) that help the tolerability of the acting, and once THE main plot gets underway the pacing improves as well. Babylon 5 is a show you watch for the writing.

What order to watch Babylon 5?

Since Babylon 5 was conceived, written and produced as one continuous five-year story, the episodes should be watched in the original airing order. When you see an episode labeled "S3E06", that means Season 3, Episode 6, and it should be watched immediately after S3E05, and followed immediately by S3E07.

Where can I watch Babylon 5?

Currently you are able to watch "Babylon 5" streaming on HBO Max or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store. People who liked Babylon 5 also liked

How many seasons of Babylon 5?

Babylon 5 is a science fiction show that ran 5 seasons from 1994-1998. The continuity and realism of the show, as well as the use of cutting-edge technology, contributed to its success. The pilot, The Gathering, was aired in February 1993 before the first season began in January of 1994.

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