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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Ambrose boatswain?

Boatswain Ambrose is located in a cave next to the stonework bridges, just below the docks in Nyhart’s Anchorage. It is a pirate shantytown on the coast of First Light, situated to the south of Windsward Hamlet and north of Las Torres Bay.

Is boatswain Ambrose a boss in New World?

Boatswain Ambrose isn't a difficult or boss-level enemy in New World, so players can likely afford to do so. Once players reach the cave, they'll find Boatswain Ambrose sitting down, or engaged in a fight with other players working on the same quest.

Where to find boatswain Ambrose in Nyhart's Anchorage?

There are many nooks and crannies in Nyhart's Anchorage, so it can be frustrating to track down the infamous pirate that one is hunting. Players seeking Boatswain Ambrose should head down below the docks to find the entrance to his hideout.

How do you kill boatswain Ambrose?

To kill Boatswain Ambrose, keep your distance and use a ranged weapon like a bow or a fire staff to secure strong hits on him. Dodge his slow attacks and strike him between the intervals of two successive attacks to vanquish him.

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