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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a Boi?

These were bois as I’d known them. Boi was, and is, an identity term, primarily used by people of color, that traverses the messy, occasionally overlapping space that encompasses masculine women, nonbinary transmasculine people, and transgender men.

Is “Boi” becoming a meme?

A nonbinary self-described boi from the (very NSFW) subreddit r/bois was the first person who described the growing mainstream, cis-guy use of boi to me as the “meme use” of the word. This Redditor further explained that the subreddit has struggled to keep its character as this meme use has expanded online, replacing the queer usage of the term:

Why is Big Boi called 'Big Boi' when he's black?

The I in Big Boi came from a street spelling of boy in the Black community in the early 1990s or before. Kimberley Baxter, a Ph.D. student with a focus on regional variation in African American English at New York University’s linguistics department, explained via email:

What does “here come dat boi” mean?

“Here come dat boi!” the standard text announces, with the response “o shit waddup!” It’s quite charming, as memes go, and was popular enough to have been covered in the mainstream press, including Vox and New York magazine.

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