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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brightspace at Algonquin College?

Welcome to Brightspace at Algonquin College! Brightspace is Algonquin College’s Learning Management System (LMS). It serves as a portal to access all digital materials associated to courses and programs, fosters communications amongst students and faculty via a number of tools, provides a platform to conduct assessments and surveys,...

How do I log in to Brightspace?

In a browser, go to 2. If you are already logged in to any Algonquin College system, for example your email, you will be automatically logged in to Brightspace and can skip to step 6. 3. In the next window, Enter your Algonquin College email address which will re-direct you to the College’s login page. 4.

Can I be enrolled in courses offered exclusively at Algonquin College?

It is possible to be enrolled in courses offered exclusively at Algonquin College or offered in partnership with OntarioLearn. These courses are accessed on different platforms and require unique login credentials. Please refer to your welcome email to confirm which platform (s) your courses are available on.

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