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Frequently Asked Questions

What is McCormick Theological Seminary?

McCormick Theological Seminary is one of 10 schools related to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is an accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in the United States and Canada and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

What is McCormick?

McCormick is where God calls you to grow and lead beyond traditional limits through academic rigor, theological reflection, and liberating experiences. We cultivate meaningful relationships with alumni and partners to nurture a network of support and belonging wherever they are.

How do I access Brightspace?

Please use Chrome or Firefox browsers to access Brightspace. All students are provided an SSC email address, All college communication will be sent to this address. The email address for students is last name & the first letter of your first name separated by a [email protected] Some addresses will also have numbers in them.

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