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Frequently Asked Questions

What are UCAS Tariff points?

How are UCAS Tariff points used? If you have any questions... UCAS Tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value. Many qualifications (but not all) have a UCAS Tariff value, which will vary dependent on the qualification size, and the grade you achieved.

How do I find out how many UCAS points I Need?

Our handy UCAS Tariff points calculator will help to find out what grades you need to get onto your course. Search for your course below to find the number of UCAS points that you need. Our UCAS Tariff calculator converts your qualifications and grades into a numerical value – these are UCAS Tariff points.

What is the tariff points calculator?

The Tariff points calculator – updated every year with qualifications that have been added to the UCAS Tariff. Our calculator provides an indicative guide to students of the total number of points allocated to their qualification (s). Qualification Information Profiles provide additional, detailed information about tariffed qualifications.

Do you need tariff points to get into a university?

"Some universities use tariff points for entry requirements, whereas others will be more specific about the specific qualification and grades they are asking for. If you do need to meet a certain number of tariff points then check the Ucas tariff point calculator to make sure you’ve got the right number of points," Courteney adds.

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