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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused the US to go into WWII?

Reasons for the United States Entering WWII The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese Control of China and Asia Germany's Aggression and Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Sinking U.S. Ships Fear of German Expansion and Invasion

How did WWI have effect on WWII?

How did WWI lead to WWII? the start of WWII. WWI was a very big cause of WWII. WWI led to depressions in Germany, Italy, the Soviet Union, and many more places which in turn caused powerful people to rise in many differtent countries. These countries in which a person of power rose each had some part in the start of WWII.

What is/are the primary cause(s) of WWI?

The main causes of WWI were nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and the system of alliances. What is Nationalism? Nationalism occurs when the citizens of a country exhibit strong loyalty and devotion to their nation.

What was the causes of U.S entering WWII?

Reasons That America Joined WW2 Germany Sank U.S. Merchant Ships. ... Japan's Invasions on China. A second reason the United States entered World War II was because of Japan's attacks on China. ... Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. On Dec. ... The End of WW2. The Allied Powers made numerous attempts to end the war; however, Japan had no regard for the lives of its soldiers or its citizens.

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