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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Christian residential treatment center?

Newsletters FAQs Christian Residential Treatment Centers Christian inpatient treatment centers offer interventions based largely on Christian principles. Many offer traditional 12-step programs. Others are based more directly on Biblical/Christian principles.

Why choose Christian-based adolescent residential treatment in Georgia?

We offer Christian-based adolescent residential treatment in Georgia, including a wilderness program and an accredited private school. Our boarding school helps create a change of heart in troubled teens that promotes healthy, life-long behavioral changes. There are many causes and issues surrounding teens who have behavioral problems.

What are the best Christian addiction treatment programs?

Christian addiction treatment programs may be best for individuals who are looking to achieve lasting substance abuse recovery with the help of a higher power. 1. Calvary Healing Center 2. Honey Lake Clinic 3. Kentucky Women’s Rehab 4. Life Center Of Galax 5. New Life Spirit Recovery Treatment Center 6. Pensacola Women’s Rehab 7.

How can Christian recovery programs help teenage girls?

This is where good Christian recovery programs can really help. Our troubled teen programs assist by focusing on spiritual cleansing and renewal - starting from the inside and working outward toward a salvation and rebirth of body and soul.

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