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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ICD-10 code for chronic constipation?

Applicable To Functional constipation ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code K59.09 [convert to ICD-9-CM] Other constipation Chronicconstipation; Constipationwith overflow incontinence; Constipation, chronic; Opioid induced constipationin therapeutic use; Opioid induced constipation, therapeutic use; Overflow incontinence due to constipation; Chronicconstipation

What are the treatment options for chronic constipation?

If constipation is caused by the irritable bowel syndrome or chronic idiopathic constipation, doctors may prescribe chloride channel activators such as lubiprostone or amitiza. These work by activating a switch in the cells that drains more fluid from the gastrointestinal tract.

What are the causes of chronic constipation?

Chronic constipation has many possible causes. Constipation occurs when waste (stool) travels through the digestive tract but is not eliminated by the rectum, making the stool hard and dry. A blockage in the colon or rectum can slow or stop the movement of stool. other cancers of the abdomen that press against the colon or rectum

What are the symptoms of chronic constipation?

When you're chronically constipated, the passage of small, hard stools can make the rectum, anus, and colon extra-sensitive. The same can occur with chronic diarrhea, particularly when you are straining. There may also be uncontrollable clenching sensations that can occur even when no stools are present.

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