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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does New York City spend on time attendance system?

NYC Drops $722M On City Time Attendance System.In less than 6 months, it was up and runn in g in 16 divisions.Sure, a city is more complicated, but this isn't rocket science.

Is there an alert for CityTime?

CityTime Alert. Effective immediately, agencies should discontinue use of the CityTime Data Collection Device (DCD) to record time punch and meal times. Agencies are reminded that all employees who are setup in CityTime to use the DCD’s are also setup to use the CityTime Webclock by default.

Can employees with a working CityTime ID enter time in/Time Out?

Due to the current COVID-19 Emergency situation, a temporary update has been made to allow employees with a working CityTime ID and password to enter Time In, Time Out, Meal Out and … In 1995, I built a Time and Attendance system using Informix and Powerbuilder 5.

What is the difference between CityTime and cityshare?

CityTime allows you to manage your time and leave requests and view leave balances CityShare is the New York City’s employee portal with a large variety of information. It can only be accessed within the City’s network and not from your home computers. DoE Payroll Portal is an internal portal for the Department of Education employees.

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