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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CityTime and cityshare?

CityTime allows you to manage your time and leave requests and view leave balances CityShare is the New York City’s employee portal with a large variety of information. It can only be accessed within the City’s network and not from your home computers. DoE Payroll Portal is an internal portal for the Department of Education employees.

What happened to the CityTime data collection device?

Help us end the pandemic! Help us end the pandemic! Working from home? Save money by suspension or cancellation of your Commuter Benefits. ESS website is separate from OPA website and requires login. Until further notice, the use of the CityTime Data Collection Device (DCD) is discontinued.

How many consultants worked on CityTime?

Now think about the fact that more than 300 “consultants” were working on CityTime when the project hit its peak. Add the timesheet swindle to the outrageously inflated salaries that were paid and you get a picture of major-league graft and corruption.

What is the CityTime scandal?

The scandal is known as CityTime, and it involves hundreds of millions of dollars stolen or wasted from beneath the mayor’s slumbering nose. (If you think New York is the city that never sleeps, think again.) Bloomberg needs to be forthright with his constituents about how this all happened.

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