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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cloudy an adverb?

An adverb is a word used to modify the meaning of a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. The wheels creaked loudly. The night was extremely cloudy. You sung most heartily. In the first sentence the adverb loudly modifies the verb creaked. In the second, the adverb extremely modifies the adjective cloudy.

Is there difference between the terms cloudy and overcast?

is that cloudy is covered with or characterised by clouds; overcast while overcast is covered with clouds; overshadowed; darkened. (obsolete) an outcast. (obsolete) to overthrow.

What does mostly cloudy mean?

"Cloudy" with each one indicating that there are more clouds in the sky. This is mostly given so that we can determine the likelihood of rain/sunshine. Clear means no clouds, Partly Cloudy means some clouds, Mostly Cloudy means Many Clouds, and Cloudy means that there is little visible break in clouds through which one can see the sky.

What is the definition of cloudy?

Definition of cloudy. 1 : of, relating to, or resembling cloud cloudy smoke. 2 : darkened by gloom or anxiety a cloudy mood. 3a : overcast with clouds cloudy weather. b : having a cloudy sky a cloudy day.

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