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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a comptroller do?

Comptrollers are high-level managers who oversee accounting and finance departments. They typically report to the chief financial officer. Usually working in public agencies, comptrollers often oversee and investigate government institutions' finances. Some comptrollers, however, perform the same duties in nonprofit organizations or corporations.

What does Comptroller stand for?

What does comptroller stand for? comptroller • kun-TROH-ler • noun. 1 : a royal-household official who examines and supervises expenditures 2 : a public official who audits government accounts and sometimes supervises expenditures 3 : the chief accounting officer of a business enterprise or an institution (as a college)

What is the meaning of Comptroller?

n. 1. a government official or an officer of a business firm, usu. the chief accountant, who superintends financial accounts and transactions; comptroller. 2. a person who regulates, directs, or restrains. 3. a regulating mechanism. con•trol′ler•ship`, n.

Who is the current Comptroller of Public Accounts?

Who is the current comptroller of public accounts? The current Comptroller General is Eugene Louis Dodaro, who became Comptroller General on December 22, 2010. Who is Glenn Hegar’s wife?

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