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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays piano in crash landing?

Kim shared an official version of the song “Song For Big Brother” on his Instagram page, covered by Hyun Bin’s character Captain Ri Eun Hyeok, a piano player in the series, in addition to he former professional basketball player took to Instagram as he posted a video of myself covering . Who Plays Piano In Crash Landing?

How many songs are in the original crash landing on You?

A total of 28 songs are featured in the Original Television Soundtrack of Crash Landing on You. Musicians like SONG GA IN and 10cm wrote the songs of the show, while others contributed songs such as APRIL 2nd and MARCH 20th. Who Wrote The Piano Song For Brother In Crash Landing On You?

What song did Elliot play on the piano?

His character is a leading military family official known in North Korea. He plays Captain Ri Jeong-hyuk in the drama “CLOY”. The scene in which he plays the piano was a memorable one for him. What Song Was Elliot Playing On The Piano? The song is “You Won’t Be Mine” by Rob Thomas. Did Iu Sing Crash Landing?

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