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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of having a DBA?

The purpose of a DBA is to inform the public that you intend to conduct business within your state using a name other than your personal name. A DBA doesn't give you unlimited rights to use that name. In contrast, trademark registration can protect a business' brand name, slogan or logo beyond a single geographic area.

What does DBAs stand for?

The term DBA stands for "Doing Business As" and describes the act of using an assumed or fictitious name for business purposes. DBAs are used for many reasons, by many types of business owners and freelance professionals. Some use DBAs to maintain personal privacy.

What is DBA and when does your business need one?

A DBA allows your business to operate under a name other than your legal, registered name. If you are "doing business as" under a different name than the one on file with your respective state, you need to complete one of these forms.

What does d.b.a stand for?

The term "DBA" (sometimes written as "d/b/a") stands for "doing business as." Some states require a business to register any DBA that it uses. Learn when you might want to use a DBA and how to register one.

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