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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you file a DBA Online?

You can file for a DBA anytime you want for any type of business, but when you reference online store, is it your store, or are you just promoting one of the thousands of stores already online. Technically, you don’t need a DBA for online businesses, it is more of a traditional brick and mortar businesses when dealing with public.

What is DBA and when does your business need one?

A DBA allows your business to operate under a name other than your legal, registered name. If you are "doing business as" under a different name than the one on file with your respective state, you need to complete one of these forms.

How do you use DBA?

Uses for a DBA. The most significant use of a DBA is the ability for a sole proprietorship to open a business bank account and collect money using a name other than its legal name. In many cases, more than one business can operate under the same DBA.

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