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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Burn a DBAN file to a CD?

Double-click the DBAN icon on your Desktop to open the file. Your CD burning application will launch, and you will be asked if you want to burn the disk image to a CD. Follow the prompts to burn the disk image to the CD. When complete, remove the CD from the drive; label the CD: DBAN ISO - CD WILL WIPE ALL DATA!

What is DBAN and how do I use it?

To prevent a malicious user from accessing data without extremely expensive equipment, CUIT provides the Columbia community with an easy to use program called DBAN that will wipe all data from a computer's hard drive. Note: Downloading and saving these files to your desktop will not delete anything.

How do I download and install DBAN on my computer?

To start, you have to download DBAN to the computer you're going to erase or an entirely different one. However you do it, the goal is to get the ISO file downloaded and then burned to a bootable device like a CD or flash drive. Visit the DBAN download page (shown above) and then click the green download button.

Does DBAN erase all data on a hard drive?

Although DBAN can securely erase all data on a hard drive, the process is relatively time-consuming and complex. You have to prepare a bootable USB drive and use a keyboard during the entire process. Besides, this utility won’t be able to wipe an SSD.

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