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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to "eject" USB flash drives?

Exposure to heat, physical damage, and wear from writing data and plugging/unplugging (USB plugs only last for so long) are far more likely to hurt it. Keep your big external drives safe by safely ejecting them, but there's no need to be nervous about removing a USB stick as long as you've let any transfers complete.

Is creating a bootable USB drive permanent?

To create a permanent bootable USB drive, the first thing you need to do is create an internal image file. This is a simple disk image with a label. You can use the script, which is located in the folder where you unpacked Ventoy for Linux, to create this image file.

Do you need to defragment ReadyBoost USB drives?

It is best not to defragment any drives or disks. It will just reduce the lifespan of that disk or drive. Even for Readyboost USB drives, the effect of defragmenting it, should not be very significant.

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