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Frequently Asked Questions

What currency does Denmark use?

The currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone (sign: kr; code: DKK). This is also the official currency of the autonomous provinces of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Even though Denmark is part of the European Union, it did not join the “Euro land”. The plural form of Denmark’s currency is “kroner”.

What is Denmark's currency called?

Denmark's currency is called the Danish Krone (DKK). Despite being a member of the European Union, the Danish government ratified the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 on the condition that they keep their own currency, thus being exempt from using the Euro. The Danish Krone is divided into 100 øre.

What is currency Denmark?

Denmark. The Danish Kroner is the currency of both Denmark and Greenland, and the official abbreviation is DKK. Denmark abandoned the Danish Rigsdaler when the Scandinavian Monetary Unit was established in favor of the new currency. The domestic abbreviation of kr or DKR can be seen on all the local price tags.

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