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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dieline in packaging?

What is a dieline in packaging? A dieline is a 2D template of your packaging that shows where everything will be printed, folded, and cut. Think of this like a blueprint of your print job before your order is sent to be manufactured. In order for us to produce your packaging, we'll need your artwork in a dieline file like in the images below.

Should I Proof my Dieline?

Furthermore, proofing your dieline allows you to spot any errors in the design, type or even measurements as the flat laying blueprint provides an overall view of your design. While dielines may seem like a quick and easy way to start your custom packaging project, dielines are actually much more complicated than they look.

What are Dieline templates?

These are collectively known as dieline templates. This usually consists of a series of lines that help create space for text, color blocks, and other elements. Dielines can be seen as part of a three-part design process that includes typeface selection and color palette development.

What is a dieline diagram?

It is a flat diagram with markings, indicating where the package’s fold and cut lines are. Need a custom dieline? Use our dieline request form and we’ll send you a custom made dieline for free.

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