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Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Dieline design for good awards?

Now in its second year, The Dieline Design For Good Awards honors the agencies and creatives taking up the issues and necessary causes meaningful to them, creating work that gives back to humankind while emphasizing kindness and promoting a higher quality of life.

Who won The Dieline Awards 2020?

So, without further ado, here are Dieline Awards' top winners for 2020. This year’s overall Best in Show winner went to design and branding agency Superunion for Figlia, an Italian olive oil by Agricola Dargenio.

How are the packaging awards judged?

Awards were judged across five categories—creativity, marketability, innovation, execution, and on-pack branding, going through two rounds of rigorous critique and appraisal. Through every award—all 94 of them—you’ll not only see a clear snapshot of where the packaging industry currently is, but where it's going.

Is Hill's Science Diet packaging a successful redesign?

"Ultimately, package design is measured not by its artistic brilliance, but by the consumer response it provokes. Based on this objective measure, the new Hill's Science Diet packaging is, without a doubt, a truly successful redesign." FIRST / SRISANGDAO RICE / DESIGNED BY: PROMPT DESIGN / THAILAND / CASE STUDY

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