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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most active Discord servers?

Top 7 Best Public Discord Servers to Join Frogs Dream World. Frogs Dream World is a global emote server that is a part of the Dream World network. ... ChillZone. ChillZone is one of the most active topicless servers on Discord. ... Quantum Labs. ... Daddy. ... AnimeBase (WLA) WLA is one of the largest anime communities on Discord. ... Slippys Dream World. ... Weeb Empire. ... Honorable Mention. ...

What is the biggest Discord server?

That One Roblox Server (Dacardmaster) "That One Roblox Server" (formerly "Roblox OT Discord (Take two.)") is a Discord server run by dacardmaster. It is relatively active and is the largest known public OT server. It has been since changed into a general server, but is mostly populated by OTers.

How do Discord servers work?

Discord is an idea that generated as a result of the need for an online platform that allowed gamers to interact with each other. The way Discord works are that it requires users to register first. Once registered, users can join a preexisting server or create their own server. Users can also add other Discord users as friends.

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