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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my File Explorer opening randomly?

In general, File Explorer opening randomly results from the following causes. When the File Explorer is crashing, there is something seriously wrong with it. When the files of the system are corrupted or missed. When AutoPlay is on, it is by default chosen to unlock File Explorer to reveal the contents of your external drive.

How to fix file explorer keeps opening automatically Windows 10?

Restart File Explorer. Remove AutoPlay. Repair Corrupted System Files. Virus Scan. How to Fix File Explorer Keeps Opening? 4 Solutions! In this part, we will walk you through 4 solutions to solve the error that File Explorer opens automatically Windows 10. Method 1. Restart File Explorer

Why does my File Explorer keep popping up?

Now you only have to tap on File Explorer on the taskbar or start menu to start once more. Sometimes there are corrupted system files in your system. They can cause the “File Explorer keeps popping up” issue. A functional Windows utility in your PC to locate and fix corrupted system files is called System File Checker.

Why is there a folder opening when I log in?

If there is a folder in File Explorer opening when you log in, that’s not a program. The folder could be a leftover startup entry. So, you can’t find it in the Control Panel. The folder opening on startup may be caused that you accidently put a shortcut in the wrong place in your start menu. When you login in, the shortcut will try to execute.

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