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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DOF mean or stand for?

DOF: Dansk Oplysnings Forbund (Danish: Danish Federal Information) DOF: Drill-on-the-Fly (laser drilling) DOF: Déclaration d'Origine sur Facture (French: Declaration of Origin on Invoice)

What does DOF stand for in math?

Mathematically, degrees of freedom is the number of dimensions of the domain of a random vector, or essentially the number of "free" components (how many components need to be known before the vector is fully determined).

What is depth of field (DOF)?

Understanding Depth of Field (DoF) Narrow DoF. When you take a narrow or small DoF, you only focus on the subject and blur out the background. ... Large DoF. A large DoF focuses more on an entire frame and has a wider angle. ... Camera Sensors. Aperture and focal length are just two factors that affect the DoF. ... Hyperfocal Distance. ... Perspective. ...

What are the types of depth of field?

There are two types of depth of field – shallow and great. Shallow depth of field involves one point of focus with the foreground and/or background blurred. Conversely, great (maximum) depth of field puts nearly everything in focus. Change in depth of field is not an immediate transition between sharp to unsharp.

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