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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eduedunav?

EduNav is a education planning and registration system that allows you to plan and register for all your courses in a guided, intuitive system personalized to your needs and preferences. Use EduNav to:

How can edunav help you optimize course offerings?

The knowledge generated from understanding students’ plans is used to optimize course offerings. With EduNav you know which courses your students plan to take and when. Our big data capabilities, combinatorial algorithms and machine learning technologies, will provide institutions and students with a platform to help them to make better decisions.

What is the Bearkat edunav (Ben)?

The Bearkat EduNav (BEN) is a guided degree plan to help you stay on track and graduate on time. Powered by EduNav’s SmartPlan, the Bearkat EduNav (BEN) uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate your personalized educational plan. Your Academic Advisor can help you customize and adjust your plan at any time.

How do I contact edunav for help with MVC?

Students who need assistance outside of normal MVC business hours can contact EduNav via the Chat feature.

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