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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ICD-10 code for COPD exacerbation?

Diagnosis of COPD can be done by doing pulmonary function test (PFT), chest X-ray, CT lung or arterial blood gas analysis. COPD ICD 10 codes and guidelines can be found in chapter 10 of ICD-10-CM manual which is “diseases of the respiratory system”, code range J00 – J99 J44.0 also can be coded if documented in the medical record.

What are the ICD-10 codes for COPD?

For COPD and emphysema, ICD-10 offers two base code categories: J43 – Emphysema, and. J44 – Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) All codes require a fourth digit. J43 Emphysema. An additional code should be used to identify: exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (Z77.22) history of tobacco use (Z87.891)

How is a COPD exacerbation treated?

COPD treatment can alleviate symptoms, decrease the frequency and severity of exacerbations, and increase exercise tolerance. Treatment options include quitting smoking, pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen therapy, bronchodilators, steroids, inhalers, Theophylline, and antibiotics.

What are the symptoms of a COPD exacerbation?

Examples of COPD exacerbation symptoms include: breathing in a fast and shallow pattern, as if you’ve just exercised very intensely coughing experiencing shortness of breathat rest or with minimal activity, such as walking from one room to another

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