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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Army family separation pay?

You also need to know a separate benefit called the family separation allowance payment. The DFAT authorizes the payment of up to $250 per month if your dependent family members are unable to live with you or near you during active duty.

How much is separation pay?

Separation pay = One-month salary x Number of years served. Separation Pay Computation: Termination due to Retrenchment, Business Closure, or Health Risk. You can receive separation pay equivalent to your one-month basic pay or at least half of your basic compensation for every year you served the company, whichever is higher. Here’s the formula:

What is family separation?

The legal definition of separation is when a married couple no longer lives together and operates in accordance with a judicially recognized mutual agreement or under the terms of a judicial decree. Legal separation and divorce have many things in common, however, a legal separation has some advantages to a divorce.

What does separation pay mean in the military?

Separation Pay is a lump-sum payment to a member of the Uniformed Services who is discharged involuntarily or released from active duty and who does not qualify for retired pay. For more information, see Volume 7A, Chapter 35.

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