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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a finger Saver?

Finger Saver is the ultimate hand safety tool that offers optimum protection to hands and fingers. It is an innovative tool produced by combining innovative technologies and excellent design functionality. Workers working on the fronts lines in Industries face several dangers. Without a Finger Saver, worker’s fingers are always at risk.

Who can benefit from fingersaver tool holder?

• Oil drilling and refinery both onshore and offshore sectors; with a statistic of 45% of hand and finger injuries, oil industry workers stand on the first line of benefiting from FingerSaver tool holder.

What happens if you don't use the finger Saver?

Without the Finger Saver you are exposing yourself to potential hand or finger injuries. Your hands are your most important day to day tool. If you damage your hands, or particularly and more importantly, your fingers, you will be affected in everything you do.

Why finger saver tool in UAE?

We are the leading supplier of Finger Saver tool in UAE. They are an indispensable assembly and disassembly tool that protects fingers and hands from injuries. Usually fingers are placed on the front line of danger while working with potentially harmful tasks.

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