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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fingersoft best known for?

Fingersoft is one of the most northern game studios in the world, located just 170km south of the Arctic Circle. It is best known for the mobile games Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2, which together have over 1.5 billion installations.

Where did Fingersoft buy Oulu?

In September 2015, Fingersoft and the construction company Rakennusteho Group bought a city block in downtown Oulu, where the Department of Architecture of the University of Oulu had previously operated. In 2016 Fingersoft published the Hill Climb Racing 2 multiplayer game.

What is the turnover of Fingersoft?

Fingersoft's turnover was close to 30 million euros. By the year 2018, games published by Fingersoft had been globally downloaded more than one billion times in total. The company did not publish any new games, but its turnover was 21 million euros. In 2019 Teemu Närhi voluntarily resigned as CEO and became a programmer at Fingersoft.

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