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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to probate in Georgia?

Probate isn’t always required in Georgia. It is necessary by law if the assets belonged solely to the deceased person with no named beneficiary or with the estate as the named beneficiary. If the assets were included in a revocable living trust, probate won’t be necessary.

How to probate a will in Georgia?

Probate assets include real estate and land (real property); The decedent’s estate is very large. How to Start the Probate Process in Georgia? To begin the probate process, the executor must contact the local court office and file papers, or petitions, and the process may take a matter of weeks or even years, depending on the estate’s magnitude.

What is the probate process in Georgia?

In Georgia, probate is a fancy term for the legal process that occurs after a person dies. That person is known as the " decedent ." It generally involves going to court to decide on: Whether there is a valid will; Appointing a person who will gather any assets ( executor if there is a will, administrator if there is no will);

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