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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ft mean in music?

Ft means featuring. It is an abbreviation often used in the music industry to highlight every artist that contributes to a track. When 2 or more artists collaborate on a song the main artist receives the artist label and then the ft abbreviation follows with the other collaborating artists.

What does ft mean in gaming?

For trade. FT means for trade. It is a gaming acronym used to tell others that a specific item is available for trade. The acronym is commonly used in games that feature items that can be traded, like Pokémon, with other users.

What does ftft stand for?

FT. Fowl Typhoid (septicaemic disease) FT. Fluid Thioglycollate. FT. Fellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement (Association for Death Education and Counseling) FT. Footie Threads (football forum) FT.

What is the best way to use ft in a sentence?

Get a ft mug for your cousin José. Get a ft mug for your father Georges. Fuck Tonight. So when you see those hoes on snapchat saying on their story: "Who wanna ft ?"

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