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Frequently Asked Questions

How much silver can I buy at Gainesville Coins?

Whether you're buying 1 ounce or 10,000 ounces of silver, Gainesville Coins makes purchasing silver rounds simple. There is no minimum order limit at Gainesville Coins, and bulk orders are a breeze. We also offer the most popular legal tender silver coins, junk silver coins, as well as silver bullion bars in stock from 1 ounce to 100 ounces.

Why buy from diggainesville coins?

Gainesville Coins was founded on the vision to offer every customer the opportunity to purchase U.S. and World Silver and Gold Coins at prices never before possible.

What is a silver American Eagle coin?

The Silver American Eagle is the most popular of the American Eagle coins that launched in 1986. Its gorgeous design isn't its only appeal. The Silver Eagle is also one of the most trusted silver bullion products anywhere in the world.

What types of silver coins do we sell?

We sell silver investment coins, or bullion silver coins, from many nations around the world. The most prominent silver bullion coins are the Silver American Eagle coins and Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

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