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Frequently Asked Questions

What day is the Gainesville Daily Register published?

The Gainesville Daily Register is three-day daily newspaper published in Gainesville, Texas, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It has been published continuously since 1890. The newspaper, formerly known as Gainesville Daily Register and Messenger, was founded by the Leonard family of Gainesville in 1890.

How do I become a Gainesville Register reporter?

THE GAINESVILLE REGISTER, a... THE GAINESVILLE REGISTER, a CNHI newspaper in North Texas, is seeking a full-time general assignments reporter to join its award-winning newsroom. Candidates should have newsroom experience (college is fine), versatile journalism skills (including writing, proofreading, editing...

How is North Texas Medical Center in Gainesville handling covid-19 cases?

North Texas Medical Center in Gainesville has taken steps in response to a local uptick of COVID-19 hospitalizations, including canceling an in-person back-to-school event and putting restrictions on visitor access to patients.

What happened to 29-year-old Gainesville man?

A 29-year-old Gainesville man remained in custody at the Cooke County Jail on Monday after he reportedly fled from police multiple times over the weekend. Members of the Gainesville City Council are expected to vote tonight on a proposed tax rate for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

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