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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a pawn shop?

Setting Up Your Shop Look for a location for your pawn shop. Hire an attorney experienced in consumer law to draw up customer contracts. Furnish your pawn shop. Buy inventory to sell. Interview and hire employees. Open and advertise your pawn shop.

How do you sell jewelry at pawn shop?

Selling jewelry to a pawn shop is easy. All you need to do is take the jewelry to a pawn shop, tell the pawn broker you'd like to sell him the jewelry, and take whatever money he offers you. What's far more difficult, however, is getting a good deal from the pawn broker.

Do pawn shops buy sports memorabilia?

In addition, sports memorabilia such as jerseys, cards and signed balls and equipment are commonly accepted at pawn shops. How can you tell if a antique is valuable? RADAR is an acronym that stands for Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really great condition.

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